Types of the interior design of the apartment

There are more than 100 styles of the interior of the apartment. The choice of design depends on the character and personal preferences of the owner.

General types of interior design

Here are popular interior designs:

  • Avant-garde. The distinctive feature is originality. This style is characterised by furniture, walls and partitions of unusual shape. Avant-garde provides an opportunity for creativity and self-expression.
  • Art Deco. This interior is mostly in low brown tones, but minor contrasts are also acceptable. Textiles are becoming important. This material is what specialists use in the process of finishing walls and ceilings.
  • Bionics. The design combines natural forms and modern technologies. The modern style allows for original, functional interiors.
  • Classic. The main features of the style are symmetrical shapes, straight lines, thoughtful interior. Finishing and furniture use only natural materials. There are no striking contrasts in the design. Everything must be discreet and solid. Paintings, arches, bas-reliefs in classical style are used as decoration.
  • Constructionism. The characteristic features of the design are practical, simple. Furniture is not the decoration of the interior but performs its direct functions. The lighting is natural, so the windows are big. The colour palette is grey, white and brown.
  • Lounge. A modern style that allows you to create comfort at a relatively low cost. The main attribute of the interior is often a large sofa or comfortable seats around which the whole design is built.
  • Loft. Allows combining incompatible. Concrete or brick walls are combined with modern appliances and furniture. The interior of this design is dominated by metal and natural wood.
  • Minimalism. The main feature of this type of design is the maximum latitude. The free space is divided into separate functional zones without partitions. Multifunctional built-in furniture is most commonly used. Large windows allow enough natural lighting.
  • Modern. This is a unique display of luxury, but modern style is also optimal. The main material in the decoration is a naturally dark tone tree with a visible wood texture. Interior design also uses stained glass windows.
  • Provence. Design embodies simplicity, cosiness, warm and comfortable ambience, comfortable to rest. They use light, calm shades and natural textiles.
  • Scandinavian. The main features of this style are simplicity, both interior and furniture, as well as maximum natural lighting due to the wide windows. The decoration is dominated by light shades, with small, vivid accents that make you feel. Natural fabrics inhabit soft furniture.
  • High-tech. Universal style is suitable for both offices and apartments. Design is functional, comfortable and practical. Minimum decor and calm tones. The obligatory attribute of this style is modern household technology.
  • Japanese. There’s nothing superfluous about interiors like this. This design allows a person to feel part of nature and has been in constant spiritual contact with it. Interior decoration is dominated by matte surfaces. Among the materials, there are glass, bamboo and natural wood. Often dark and light contrasts are used.