How to design a living room

You should take a responsible approach to decorate your living room because the tenants spend most of their time in this room. In addition, this is a room for accepting friends. You can design the interior yourself quite realistically. The main thing is to learn the features of a particular style. In this article, we will describe the most general ones.

Modern style

The main purpose of this style is to create the most comfortable living space possible. This style has several unique features:

  • You should follow the concept of open space, for which specialists use neutral colour combinations. In the interior and furniture, straight lines dominate.
  • Walls, ceilings and floors are what specialists make with the help of materials with unobtrusive, easy textures. In this interior bright décor or bas-reliefs are not appropriate. The design of the living room in this style should be simple and practical.
  • In prosecco of using textiles, specialists prefer natural textures.

Scandinavian style

This design is ideal for a small space. Scandinavian style features are:

  • Light shades predominate in the design, allowing for increased space visually. White is generally chosen as the primary colour.
  • The use of natural materials is encouraged.
  • For furnishings it is not advisable to use closed-type furniture, glass shelves or open shelves are more appropriate. The tables are small, so you can use folding models.
  • Soft furniture should have clear shapes and not be massive. Traditional upholstery is dairy or grey.
  • You should pay special attention to illumination because it should be scattered, so you would rather install several small light sources than one central light.

Loft style

This interior style has been popular for decades. Below we have listed recommendations that will help you make a stylish living room in a normal apartment:

  • We recommend the use of point lamps as a light source, as well as simple lights on long wires and track systems.
  • The central piece of furniture is a massive sofa with a lot of pillows. It would be appropriate to look at a tuxedo and a chair, a coffee table on wheels.
  • The distinctive features of this type of design are concrete surfaces of rough plaster, brickwork or its imitation.
  • As a floor decoration, you can use a natural wood parquet or a laminate parquet that qualitatively mimics wood.
  • On the ceiling, you can attach false beams, which will look harmoniously together with the white background.

Oriental style

The main differences in style are:

  • Using traditional elements such as bamboo mats, prompt wall ornaments or paper lamps.
  • For finishing, specialists use natural materials and, often, natural wood. As for the decor, there is natural leather and porcelain.
  • Specialists recommend sticking to a single colour solution in the interior, choosing one of the elements. This is an important point in the oriental design.
  • Textiles with traditional patterns will help you to maximise the culture of the East.