Best American cities for IT specialists

In 2022, we hardly need to talk about how promising the IT field is. This is why employees of the STEM field (meaning a Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) have many advantages. Among them, there are: high wages, no big problems with finding a job and even rapid career growth. However, there is another factor that affects how easily a specialist from the IT-sphere will become popular and advanced. In fact, that’s where he or she lives and works. We even ignore the fact that the remote format of work is used very actively in this stage and does not create obstacles to the achievement of goals. This factor applies to any expert in the field of information technology.

However, the Wallet Hub Think Tank has conducted a major study in which it identified American cities where professionals of the STEM field live and work at a higher level of quality. It is for this reason that all US IT professionals should pay attention to the results of this study and draw the right conclusions, as well as for foreign ones who plan to move to the US.

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During the research, the centre analysed more than a hundred of the largest American cities. Their evaluation took place in three directions:

  1. A standard of living, such as prices for housing, infrastructure or places for entertainment and recreation.
  2. Professional perspectives such as the number of vacancies in the STEM field, the level of wages and the speed of career growth.
  3. Atmosphere in IT field and infrastructure development. Spending on new skills and knowledge, prestige and quality of educational courses are related to this factor.

Analysts from Wallet Hub applied almost two dozen different parameters, which differ slightly in their degree of importance. But the rating system was supposed to achieve a maximum of 100 points.

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Some cities that are good for IT professionals

Now, before we list these cities, you should know that this is a very effective assessment system. The fact that no factor was decisive and did not help a city to rise to a higher line that does not correspond to the reality there. For example, San Francisco and Seattle, where the first Windows download programs were created, are a very good option for IT professionals who desire for growth on every stage of learning of their career. But these cities are characterised by extremely high real estate prices, and this lowers their overall rating.

There is a city called Dayton too. Conditions for living here are some of the best, and therefore you can quite buy a house and settle there, but only in the event that you are not an IT specialist. The fact is that there are very few prospects for development in the STEM field. That’s why Dayton didn’t even make the list of the ten ones, which looks like this:

  1. Austin, Texas.
  2. Seattle, Washington State.
  3. Boston, Massachusetts.
  4. Madison, Wisconsin.
  5. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  6. Atlanta, Georgia.
  7. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  8. San Francisco, California.
  9. Salt Lake City, Utah.
  10. Orlando, Florida.

So you should know that this is the latest version of the rating for today. However, until recently, there were several other cities in this list. There’s a reason we should at least mention them. We are referring to Raleigh (North Carolina), Cincinnati (Ohio), Washington (DC).

So you can be sure that you will have a lot of choices. There are many more American states that have cities in which there are many IT professionals who work literally everywhere. These are offices and coworking, parks and cafes. Out there, you can meet such guys and girls who work on a laptop and have AirPods in their ears. By the way, you should install a MagicPods program on your computer that will help your headphones run Windows.