Virtocommerce usage for logistics in e-commerce

Logistics is an important factor for each successful online store. According to Digital Commerce 360, the average order delivery time is a week, and this is one of the main factors that affect customer satisfaction. is a web platform based on Microsoft.NET and Angular technologies. It will give online stores the tools to manage logistics chains and optimise delivery. This can increase customer satisfaction and increase the entrepreneur’s profit.

Shopping control

One of the main challenges in logistics is order management. Stores should have solutions that will help them ensure that they can control the purchase status and delivery process.

Https:// is a platform that contains a large set of tools and features that will help you solve such problems easily and easily. It includes the ability to form and edit orders, track their execution, and notify customers about the status of a particular order.

Delivery optimization

This is another important aspect of logistics in the field of e-commerce. Internet sellers should be able to choose the best delivery method depending on the location of the user and the type of goods.

In this case, Virtocommerce has the appropriate features that will help you optimise this crucial business process without difficulties and for the future efficiency of your project. You will receive the choice of sending and notifying customers about the status of the delivered products.

Inventory and store management

Entrepreneurs who sell products over the Internet should be able to track and manage their stocks to prevent the need for additional ordering of goods during periods of increased demand.

Virtocommerce is a platform on which you will find all the optimal tools that will help you control the remnants of all products, create notifications about the low level of certain products, and control the delivery of goods.


Integration with logistics platforms

For more efficient delivery of goods, entrepreneurs should not forget to integrate with specialized platforms. Virtocommerce allows online store owners to integrate with various logistics web platforms such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL.

Thanks to this, you can guarantee your customers faster and more accurate delivery. In addition, web trading platforms can apply integration with warehouse management systems. This will allow them to improve inventory management and prevent errors in the recording of goods.

Analysis and reporting

To build efficient logistics chains, entrepreneurs and online shopkeepers should analyze data and promptly create reports. The software we advise you is your optimal helper in this. So it includes a set of useful tools for collecting and analyzing data on shipments.

Among them is information about the time and cost of delivery, as well as other key components. You will be able to use this information to optimise logistics processes and improve the quality of your customer service.

Return management

The business must get the necessary tools so that the entrepreneur and his experts can process the returns of goods and return money to customers in case they are not satisfied with the purchase. Virtocommerce has excellent high-performance software solutions that process the information on shopping denials.

It includes making a return of goods, tracking their performance, and sending money to customers. In general, we would like to say that the use of this platform can increase the performance of any online store and increase customer satisfaction.

This is especially useful in the field of logistics management in e-commerce. Trading platforms can use a wide set of tools. Virtocommerce will give them to you for fast and efficient order processing, shipping optimization, inventory tracking, information analysis, and return control.